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Happy Belly Happy Belly Coffee Beans

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Happy Belly Happy Belly Coffee Beans

Product Features

Roasted coffee beans Balanced & Fruity 100% Arabica Strictly sourced from Ethiopia, this 100% Arabica coffee has a well-balanced character, a consistent body with fruity notes Strength: 3/5 Suitable for all preparations depending on the grind: Espresso =fine; Filter =medium; Italian moka = medium; Cafetiere=coarse Grind as recommended for your type of coffee machine Always ensure you follow the manufacturer?s instructions Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened store in the fridge, in an airtight container away from strong odours and use within 3 weeks. RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED: The coffee we source for this product is Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning it doesn?t just taste good, it does good too. With every purchase, you?re helping hundreds of farmers and their families across the world, plus, doing your bit for the rainforest too ? drink better, do better