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bonVIVO Gazetaro I - Parent


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bonVIVO Gazetaro I - Parent

Product Features

✔ FOR COFFEE LOVERS: The cafetiere GAZETARO I promises a pleasantly full-bodied and aromatic coffee. Unlike other brewing methods, water and coffee remain in contact longer, resulting in rich, delicious aroma and taste. A stylish and tasteful gift for coffee lovers. ✔ QUALITY: The carafe is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that won't absorb flavors or odors. It's surrounded by an elegant stainless steel frame with elegant copper-effect finish. The frame and handle shield the glass carafe and protect coffee lovers from heat and burns ✔ DESIGN: The timeless design of the GAZETARO I coffee press makes it an eye-catching addition to any coffee service. ✔ APPLICATION: Say goodbye to expensive paper filters and capsules. With GAZETARO I, preparing delicious coffee is simple. Place coarsely ground coffee and hot water in the carafe and let stand four minutes. Then press the plunger down slowly. Perfectly brewed gourmet coffee ready in minutes. ✔ DELIVERY: GAZETARO I comes with FREE coffee scoop and replacement filter.